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TGM's art director, Hayley Davis, had the opportunity to test out Duca Del Cosma's new addition to their fashion shoe collection, the Aviva white. These spikeless white leather shoes are perfectly paired with their King Cheetah design and make a bold statement on and off the course.

Duca del Cosma brings a unique and fashionable collection of handcrafted, Italian golf shoes to South African female golfers. They are made from soft recyclable onMicro® Leader microfibre upper materials. Using high-quality waterproof leather, as well as a waterproof Acquastop® system with OnSteam® recyclable microfibre ARNEFLEX® insole memory foam, this shoe feels light, yet sturdy and offers you nothing but confidence on the course.

As a lady with narrow feet, these solid and snugly fit shoes make walking a dream. I found these shoes were light, soft and flexible, which leaves no concern for blisters or tired feet at the end of the round. Unlike with most new shoes, there is no real need to wear them in before you head to the tee.

Be sure to head to the range before you tee it up, as the slightly higher sole takes a bit of adjusting and fine-tuning to get your desired angle of attack on the ball. With the slightly narrow sole (and my more aggressive swing) it leaves a slight concern for sturdiness on your drives where a little extra power is needed. On approach shots and around the green these shoes perform well, with the spikeless technology offering the perfect amount of grip.

Each purchase comes with a light cotton shoe bag, handy for transporting and storing your shoes while they are not in use. The material allows your shoes to breathe and promotes longevity while protecting them from dust and dirt.

The attention to detail on these shoes is truly above and beyond, with the addition of the “gold” elements perfectly complementing the shoe at every angle. Included with an additional pair of real cotton shoelaces, these shoes are at the forefront of fashion and technology. The striking design and comfort allow you to wear these stylish shoes on and off the course, and definitely turn heads wherever you go, sparking instant compliments.

Duca Del Cosma
Women's Fashion Collection
Aviva White

Discover our waterproof women's golf shoe with the King Cheetah design. Lightweight, breathable, and offers extreme grip on all surfaces.

Price: R3 499.00

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As their philosophy states: “We at Duca del Cosma are passionate about developing unique golf and contemporary lifestyle collections that combine comfort, fashionable stylishness and sports functionality. Our collections are inspired by the Italian way of living and produced with great attention to detail.” They definitely deliver!

sarah van lear/hayley davis/supplied