There are a couple of touchpoints that are essential to your golf swing. The most obvious is you standing on the ground – so a good base. The other is, of course, your hands – holding the club. Whether or not you use a glove, the most overlooked or potentially underestimated piece of golfing equipment has to be the grips.

Not only is it about the feeling of confidence the grip gives you, the stickiness, the texture but also the fitment and how it feels at impact. The impact is, of course, influenced by a lot of factors including the head material, shaft and golf ball, but the grip certainly has an effect on your performance before you have even hit a ball. The grip and how it feels and performs will also be influenced by your hand size and fitment, either using tape, or by selecting the correct width of grip. Make sure you get advice from your local pro and get it right, you will be amazed by the results.

Grips are not only available in different thickness and colours but also offer a variety of materials and styles. There are grips that are super sticky, offer single materials and combinations. Some offer better dry vs wet and then there’s a hybrid that should perform in both – which for the amateur is probably a better solution. Don’t forget that your putter also has a number of grip options – from standard to extra thick for side by side hands when putting, or rectangular vs round, a “grippy” rubber compound vs smooth and there are even grips that attempt to assist with alignment.

The bottom line is that the grip is where you hold your club. It influences not only your comfort and feel but also your swing! If your grips are shiny and smooth, it’s time.


The Sticky 2.3 is suitable for all playing styles, from beginners to top-ranked Tour professionals. Improved comfort and durability with proven feedback from the world’s best. The shallow tread pattern on the Iomic Sticky 2.3 gives perfect grip while reducing torque. Being water-resistant, the grip performs amazingly in wet conditions and the firm grip cap promotes a softer grip, leading to less tension in the hands and a more relaxed swing, all helping you play better golf.

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Iomic’s first oversized putter grip. Featuring a textured surface, the Absolute Jumbo is designed to stabilise head balance and control wrist movement throughout the putting stroke. Iomax material ensures long–lasting durability and tackiness.

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Boasting a state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound with a non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability and confidence as well as all-weather control. A scientifically-designed plus sign surface texture created to pull moisture away from the surface to allow for consistent traction, with a standard grip feel providing comfort and moderate feedback.

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The Golf Pride Pro Only Cord Putter Grip features a brushed cotton cord for a firm and responsive feel. This putter grip has an angled back shape to lock your hand in placement, the wider paddle front ensures a consistent thumb positioning.

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The Crossline Grip has been one of Lamkin's best-selling grips for more than 20 years and is a popular choice on Tour. The Crossline features Tour-proven performance, classic looks and excellent feel. Constructed from a highly durable compound, the Lamkin Crossline has best-in-class torsion control, giving you excellent shot-making confidence.

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With its unique and proprietary shape, the Flat Cat Putter Grip, in association with Lamkin, aims to improve consistency and accuracy. Made from a lightweight polyurethane compound, it is comfortable and offers excellent performance in all weather conditions. It also comes in a number of size options. The rectangular design is intended to help alignment and assist in squaring your putter face.

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Split weights allow golfers to switch between the standard setting for balanced performance, and the low spin setting for a piercing trajectory and increased roll out.

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Brett Blyth is an amateur golfer who plays out of Royal Cape. He has a handicap index of 6.4 and is a self-confessed golf fanatic. 

Credit: UA Website