So what makes XXIO different?

To understand the brand, let’s go back a century, and across the globe to Japan.

Dunlop, built Japan's first modern rubber factory in the early 1900s. Years later, the company started production of golf and tennis balls. A few decades after that, The Sumitomo Group bought into Dunlop, and quickly took over the management of the business introducing golf clubs, becoming the largest manufacturer of golf balls in the country. They held more patents in golf ball construction than any company in the business, and this still holds true today. Throughout the 90's the company was the Japanese distributor for a large known equipment brand, and when the agreement ended, XXIO was launched in Japan, quickly becoming the #1 golf equipment brand in Japan, the world's second largest golf market. Over the past 24 years, XXIO has expanded around the globe, and today is one of the largest manufacturers of premium equipment, and the leader of the lightweight category.

To this day, the name is still a bit confusing as XXIO is not just mispronounced, but misunderstood from an origin stand point. The XXIO name comes from the Roman numerals for 21st Century followed by the O, which in Japan signifies a leader or King. A truly symbolic name and has held this value since inception. Because of the product’s super premium components & niche market, the pricing had always been fairly inhibitive in South Africa, but since its success in the Western markets including north America, pricing has come down to make it more accessible to the every day golfer.

XXIO is lighter, softer, and makes the game much more enjoyable for those that struggle with speed. It’s the brand made for moderate swing speed players. There are plenty of great brands out there like Srixon that serve the needs of better players, but a large part of the golf market needs some extra help from their golf equipment. Now they've got XXIO. It’s a real game changer, and is literally changing lives all over the world.

What’s new from XXIO in 2024 ?

XXIO is continuing to up the ante in lightweight technology by making these world class golf clubs even easier to swing. Golfers with moderate swing speeds looking to gain back distance and consistency will find it with XXIO 13, the newly launched model in South Africa.

XXIO 13 Irons are individually optimized by loft. They feature a remarkably low Center of Gravity thanks to their 4-piece construction and unique weighting setup. That weighting, combined with the Irons' Rebound Frame structure, creates a satisfying launch, incredible distance, and reliable control, all with a near effortless swing feel.

XXIO 13 Ladies is a lightweight set of Woods and Irons individually crafted to suit a woman's swing or style. Benefiting the female golfer who swings 90mph or less, XXIO 13 Ladies construction aids in increasing ball speeds, while the higher lofted clubs help boost trajectory for added distance. XXIO's commitment to getting more women involved in the game of golf is by providing equipment they can feel confident with. Enjoy a better, easier golf experience with the all-new XXIO 13 Ladies.

Experience The Difference. Experience XXIO.

 Suggested Retail Prices XXIO 13 / XXIO 13 Ladies