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The Boks did it! They are record-breakers and liberators. Once again, we saw the entire nation rally around a national squad like no other. The Springboks kept us on the edge of our seats for three loooong weeks and brought it home by the absolute narrowest of margins. As in golf, we always say a win is a win and there is no comments column on the scorecard. Well, in the case of the Boks’ RWC win, there have certainly been addendums, narratives and resounding responses – all of which have been extremely positive!

Comparing such a huge win to an aspiring pro golfer who lifts the trophy on any of the Tours, or winning your division at Club Champs, taking the Closest to the Pin prize, or winning a corporate or organised golf competition is certainly relevant to you. Undoubtedly, it will be positive and I am convinced it will ensure you will have more confidence and be amped to tee it up again as soon as you can.

But winning doesn’t have to be the whole enchilada. I recently played in a regular weekly fourball game where I settled over a chip just off the green and everything just felt right. I breathed easy, stayed relaxed and played the perfect bump and run straight in. A week later I am still remembering the shot, the elation of having just one shot working perfectly and smiling about it (still) as my partner and I “low-fived” (no one likes gloating) and accepting the “insincere” compliments from our opposition (only kidding, they were gracious in their 6 & 5 drubbing – what was that about bragging…?). Success may be a great feel on the greens, hitting all fairways, or changing strategy depending on your game on the day – all bringing you back again to tee it up the following week.

The Nedbank Golf Challenge is certainly the next big fixture for golf fans in South Africa. It has the glitz and glamour, the stars and the celebs, and it allows some of us the privilege of being able to walk the fairways and see first-hand how some of the world’s best golfers play. If you are one of the fortunate people to get to Sun City, you can also celebrate that as a victory! Enjoy, and soak up every bit of the experience. If you are lucky enough to get within earshot of your favourite golfer, listen carefully to how he and his caddie interact, how they decide on club choice; watch how they warm up and make the most of their time before and after their rounds on the range and the practice putting green.

Receiving the THE GOLF MAG is hopefully seen as a victory too. The great thing is you can easily share it with friends and family, from instruction to tournament previews and insights into the world of our fantastic amateurs and golfing ambassadors around the globe. Get to know more about Justin Rose, enjoy Dale’s walk down memory lane and find out more about the season-ending DP World Tour Championship.

But most of all, celebrate this issue of TGM®!

Shayne Dowling

Publishing Editor

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