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Iomic is not a name you often see on clubs around our local courses. In fact, only one member of my regular fourball had heard of them, and he is pretty much a golf geek. They certainly garnered a lot of attention when I pulled them out, and I am ashamed to say I let a number of guys touch my grips – they loved them.

As I said before, when it comes to enhancing your golf game, the right grip can make all the difference. I cannot emphasise what a difference it makes – I replaced the grips on a few of my clubs: driver with the IXX Low Torque and a couple of irons and wedges with the Sticky 2.3.

First impressions: they are sticky. They really are. The Sticky more so than the Low Torques, but the response on my driver was noticeable and the feel and control on my irons quite distinct. I honestly can’t say whether or not it’s not psychosomatic, but I can say that my drives have been much more controlled, and the confidence of having a really solid grip while being able to hold my club/s lightly is incredible.

Imagine holding your irons without any tension and feeling completely certain that they are not going to turn or, heaven forbid, fly out your hands. Melodrama aside – I haven’t ever had a club fly out my hands – but I’ve certainly felt like I’ve had to apply a “death grip” so that the clubs don’t move. This leads to all sorts of issues, which simply evaporate with the confidence these grips give you.

I am completely sold and will be adding the grips to my full set. It’s like having a new set of clubs. I haven’t had the chance to play them in the wet but the Iomic grips are made without any silicon which apparently prevents the grips from becoming overly slippery in wet conditions, so you maintain control even when the weather is less than ideal.

The Iomic Sticky 2.3 grips claim to be about delivering control and comfort and I can testify to this. They are comfortable and offer great shock absorption – this becomes obvious on those hard lies or shots that aren’t out the sweet spot. Essentially the grips are designed to provide a secure and comfortable hold, ensuring you maintain control and precision in your swings and they deliver just this.

Features of the Sticky 2.3 (as per Iomic website):

The Iomic IXX Low Torque grips offer a unique blend of performance and feel. They have a different pattern being a little “rougher” around the top and a smoother lower end. Think half cord feel.

“Low torque in Iomic grips can reduce the shot dispersion on off-centre hits by up to 30%, meaning you are more likely to hit fairways, even when you are not swinging at your best.”

Now that is some claim. I can’t scientifically say that this is true. However, I can say that my control certainly seems better. My driver has been reliable and I am really trusting my swing, and if this is the result I say: “bring it on!” Frankly at the cost of a grip and fitting and having these results with the driver, I can only recommend you try them. The driver or your fairway wood is a good and cost effective way to see what changes, if any, the grips will make – I am saying give it a go!

Features of the Iomic IXX Low Torque grips (As per Iomic website):


Split weights allow golfers to switch between the standard setting for balanced performance, and the low spin setting for a piercing trajectory and increased roll out.

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Brett Blyth is an amateur golfer who plays out of Royal Cape. He has a handicap index of 6.4 and is a self-confessed golf fanatic. 

Credit: UA Website