Ed's Letter

2024, it just has a nice ring to it

Maybe because it’s all even numbers and 2 + 2 = 4… whatever the reason, I hope we all have an extremely good golfing year! 

The first TGM™ of the year and it is packed with great content! The aim of our content (you will have noticed by now) is to highlight, support and feature the SA golfing landscape. Of course, we feature international golf too, but our priority is always South Africa and our immediate neighbours, and eventually we would look to be the voice of amateur and professional golf on the continent.

While most of us were taking a well-earned vacation, our golfers were contending almost until the last day of the year. Congratulations to all the winners, who once again performed at the highest standard – not only at home but abroad too. Men and women, professional and amateur, making the country, and in particular GolfRSA, proud of their achievements. Take a look at the News for a quick catch-up!

Our cover feature, Nicole Garcia, is certainly a glowing advertisement for South African women’s golf. She talks openly about her career and besides being an extremely talented golfer, it is apparent she is at the top of her game mentally and we can certainly expect good things from her this year. Her honest take on the local women’s golf landscape and positive attitude confirm that she is a person who adds great value to our burgeoning women’s field and is undoubtedly a golfer young players can strive to emulate.

From Nicole, who has certainly earned her dues, to a young rookie in Ryan van Velzen who is starting to pay his. Another rising star who, after his great performance at the Investec South African Open, we couldn’t help but feature. We offer a little insight into Ryan and his journey so far, he’s undoubtedly a name to remember.

While it isn’t our style to court controversy, it is difficult to avoid the ongoing LIV effect on golf around the world – there are sure to be some interesting developments coming out this year and we watch with interest. The ball rollback is also happening. While contentious, I don’t think anyone can logically dismiss the intentions. Dale Hayes touches on both issues and he comments on Tiger’s imminent return. I look forward to Dale’s insights this year as well as watching how he and his family, despite immense challenges, successfully turn fortunes around at the multisport and family venue that is Zwartkop Country Club. I am sure TGM™ will do a feature on it this year – watch this space.

Once again we have great instruction by Grant Hepburn. I am extremely happy to announce that our instruction feature will be brought to you by Titleist for the foreseeable future. A relationship that we look forward to fostering and working with. Many thanks to Titleist and their team.

The issue is too packed to touch on everything. I invite you to enjoy the magazine and please share with anyone who is interested in golf. TGM™ is free and we are determined to assist in the growth of this wonderful game.

I look forward to seeing you on the fairways!

Shayne Dowling
Publishing Editor

Pearl Valley shining for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation Golf Day

Clovelly looking out to False Bay

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