You can play without a glove or you can play with two gloves, but most of us wear a glove on our non-dominant hand. The glove can help protect your hand, particularly if you spend a lot of time on the range; but the glove’s most important function is to improve your grip. I’ve yet to see a proper golf shot ending with the club shooting from one’s hands – well, without being “let go” out of frustration, but I have heard many golfers commenting on how the club slipped or twisted on impact. The glove will certainly help with this and it will assist with feeling comfortable on the grip.

The biggest mistake most golfers make is that their glove doesn’t fit properly, in most cases it is too big. When you try on a glove there should be no extra material on your finger tips. Push the fingers of your dominant hand into the webbing of your glove hand and make sure the glove is touching the skin in between your fingers – there should be no material above your finger tips – if there is, the glove is too big. Your palm area should be smooth and tight, fitting snugly without any excess wrinkles when you close your hand. Remember, most gloves will stretch a little as you use them. Another indicator that your glove is a good fit is the strap – it should not go beyond the velcro area and if it isn’t halfway, it’s too small.

Full Cabretta leather
 is the top-of-the-range glove. It is soft and will give you a really good feel. Of course, this comes with a couple of considerations: it is expensive and generally won’t last as long as other gloves. They aren’t great in the wet and if you perspire a lot they can become slick – except for the tiny holes most of the gloves have on the fingers, they don’t breath particularly well. It may be good to have more than one in the bag so you can rotate in a round. Being leather, the gloves don’t last as long as their synthetic counterparts, but when playing a round you won’t get a better feel, and we do need every advantage we can get to bring our scores down. ED’S TIP: Save the real deal for your golf game and use your hybrids on the range.

Footjoy CabrettaSof Glove

Handcrafted with premium CabrettaSof leather providing the finest feel and fit.

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Srixon Tour Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

Features thin Cabretta leather for enhanced grip and control.

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Bridgestone Golf Tour Premium Glove

The perfect combination of classic feel and subtle style.

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Hybrid gloves are a combination of leather and synthetic material. They usually have a leather palm, offer good feel and are complemented by synthetic areas that may include mesh for good flexibility. While improving the fit, they also allow good heat dispersion on hot days. They tend to keep their shape well and last longer than the full leather gloves. The “stretchy” synthetic material is usually over the knuckles and in some instances may be on the sides or tops of full fingers. Comfort, coolness and durability are key. These are the go-to gloves for most golfers.

Footjoy GTXtreme

The latest innovation in high-tech performance with next-level fit, flex, feel and durability.

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Taylormade Stratus Soft Leather Glove

Combines the best of both worlds – the versatile fit of a synthetic material and the feel of genuine leather.

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Under Armour Men's Medal Golf Glove

Your everyday golf glove. Light, tough, and with the right grip.

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All-weather gloves. Mostly synthetic, these are specially designed to perform (particularly) in wet weather conditions and for areas with high humidity. They have strategically placed quick-drying material, higher synthetic grip areas and offer excellent flexibility, fit and breathability. They keep your hands cool but also on the club when it’s pouring. While you may not play with an all-weather glove all the time, it is an essential item to have in your bag.

Footjoy WeatherSoft Men's Glove

Combines maximum durability with a consistent, soft feel for the game.

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Taylormade All Weather Synthetic

Provides a superior fit and durability in all weather conditions.

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Callaway Weather Spann Glove

Allows for all-weather performance by incorporating durable synthetic leather combined with a four-way stretch synthetic.

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Split weights allow golfers to switch between the standard setting for balanced performance, and the low spin setting for a piercing trajectory and increased roll out.

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Brett Blyth is an amateur golfer who plays out of Royal Cape. He has a handicap index of 6.4 and is a self-confessed golf fanatic. 

Credit: UA Website